Invariably, heels for many years are a „must have” in every woman’s wardrobe. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important attributes of femininity, but where did this idea come from? As a rule, ladies are slightly shorter than men, so to increase them – high footwear was produced. This turned out to be a hit, not only because they looked higher, but also very positively affected their overall image! Stiletto heels optically lengthen and slim the legs. However, choosing the right heels can be a challenge. How to deal with this? We have some helpful tips!
Comfortable high heels? Is this possible
Very often, after buying high heels and first putting on shoes, it turns out that you can not withstand even a few hours, not to mention the whole night or day at work. Many women find that high heels are simply uncomfortable and you have to get used to it. Nothing could be more wrong! It doesn’t have to be this way, but you need to choose the right strategy. First of all, it is not enough to try on stilettos in the store. You usually feel disadvantages that cause discomfort after some time of use and a one-time passage through the store corridor will not be meaningful. It may turn out that this beautiful and dream pair of shoes will become a painful and distressing nightmare that will ruin the whole evening. How to avoid it Just simply adapt the legs slowly to the heels. If you’re not used to high heels, it’s worth investing in a few lower models and gradually increasing their height. It is time consuming and you will not get the final result in a few days, so you need to start preparation much earlier from the planned meeting or celebration.

Matching high heels to height
Each woman must assess for herself how much she can increase with shoes. Tall ladies should avoid high heels, because this can make them look unnatural. It was unofficially accepted that it would be good if a woman was slightly shorter than her partner or other men at all kinds of celebrations. Therefore, it is best to choose the height of shoes according to this criterion. However, short ladies do not have such a problem. They can experiment with the height of pins, posts, etc. However, you need to keep a certain sense of style and do not overdo it with height, because the „stilts” effect may occur, which is certainly the reverse of the intended goal.

Gray lacquered pumps pumps on the Monique platform
Time to wear high heels and comfort
High heels should be chosen not only because of height, but also for a particular occasion. If it is a short meeting, you can easily opt for the highest footwear models that have posts with a length of 11 centimeters or more. They can only be worn for a limited time. Slightly lower shoes (e.g. 7 cm) are adapted to longer wear, but still heavily load the feet and force an unnatural position. So if we go to an overnight celebration, it is worth to pack in a separate bag a variable pair of shoes, preferably on a flat heel.

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