Although the official Christmas Eve, which takes place in companies before Christmas, is not as important as the holidays spent in the company of loved ones, it should be properly presented. It is an ideal opportunity to enter into closer relations with your colleagues as well as the bosses. Often the problem is choosing the right outfit for the ceremony, including footwear. What shoes should you choose to get out of the stiff office dress code, but at the same time maintain elegance and good taste?
Reliable women’s pumps
If you do not know which shoes to decide on and you are afraid to experiment with, then the pumps will be just perfect for company eve. It’s a classic in itself, they work in virtually every situation and most importantly – they are universal enough that they can easily fit into any stylization. Standard black pumps look great with elegant pants and a jacket, but you can also put them on a dress or skirt.
The pumps have different post heights. The selection depends on the individual preferences of the user, however, it is recommended that at such official meetings do not overdo it with the height of the pins. However, a slight increase will hit the spot. Such footwear will optically slim and lengthen the legs, as well as increase the aesthetic value of the entire image. Of course, you do not need to close only to black. The choice is really wide, but it’s worth sticking to the basic colors, i.e. gray, beige, burgundy or navy blue.

Comfort and freedom, i.e. ballerina in action
Hardly anyone chooses ballerinas at formal meetings. It is assumed that these shoes are reserved for walking every day or alternatively during all-night celebrations, when the legs are already tired and sore after long wearing high heels. However, it is worth moving away from this stereotype. Well-selected ballerinas are very elegant and perfectly complement any stylization. What’s more, you do not have to worry about a few hours meeting will end in swollen feet. In this case, you get 100% convenience.

Women’s Jodhpur boots with many uses
Whoever put on Jodhpur boots knows that they are extremely comfortable and stylish shoes. It is hard to come back to other, less comfortable types of footwear later. Christmas Eve takes place in the winter season, so you should also think about the fact that the feet were protected against low temperatures. This is important, especially when the company has to be reached on foot or it is far from home. Jodhpur boots are much warmer than other types of footwear. A good option is also definitely to go for winter boots. Both types look good in combination with dark tights and a skirt. Thanks to the fact that they are slightly higher and cover the ankle, they give the whole silhouette elegance and refinement. Here you can also experiment with the length of the post, as well as with colors and additions. Sometimes manufacturers complement Jodhpur boots with sequins or frills. However, on Christmas Eve it is worth avoiding too strong accents.

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