Footwear made of leather has been extremely popular for many years and is very willingly chosen by both women and men. Leather shoes are associated with refinement, classics, elegance and good quality. No wonder that they are often simply more expensive than other types of footwear. Although leather models can not be subtracted from great appearance, they can prove embarrassing due to their care. Natural leather must be treated appropriately. We present below some tips that will definitely be useful to all fanatics of leather shoes.
1. Choose the right size of footwear
It is often forgotten when buying shoes that leather material gently stretches over time and shoes may become too large if the size is incorrect. Therefore, when choosing the right footwear, you need to pay more attention to it and carefully check that the size is right. Thanks to this, we save unnecessary nerves and the shoe will look much better. What’s more, thanks to the good arrangement and matching of footwear to the foot, the material will not be destroyed so quickly.
2. Traditional shoe polishing
It turns out that polishing is one of the fastest and best methods to keep leather shoes in good condition. Polishing will be useful mainly in the case of varnish or men’s shoes for a suit, but it can be safely used also on other types of footwear. If the color of the shoes is unusual and it is difficult to choose a paste in the right shade, you can opt for the colorless version. It will equally protect the surface of the material and restore its shine and mask slight mechanical damage such as scratches or abrasions.

Sergio Leone women’s boots on the post maroon
3. Footwear impregnation
Immediately after buying leather shoes, before the first use, they should be impregnated with a special preparation for natural leather. In the shoe stores you can find different types of impregnants. Some are classic, providing basic protection, while others also offer a function to protect against moisture and even dirt. The choice depends on individual preferences, as well as the visual effect that we want to achieve. The use of impregnation is extremely simple, so everyone will do it themselves. All you have to do is apply the product to the entire surface of the shoe and let it dry completely.

4. Filling the inside of the shoe
It is a method that was practiced a long time ago and works well to this day. It consists in the fact that a kind of filler is put inside the leather shoe to maintain the original shape of the footwear.
The filling cannot be too big or too small, because the end result will be unsightly and you can even damage the skin by accident. The first better materials, such as newspapers or paper, cannot be used. You should stock up on special boards that will do much better than crumpled old newspapers.
5. Avoid factors that damage your shoes
Leather material, in particular varnished, is not frost-resistant. Therefore, in winter, varnish should be avoided. However, if the situation requires it, a good way is to walk in varnished shoes around the house for 10-15 minutes before leaving. However, after returning from a walk, they should not be pulled for another half hour.


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