Suede shoes – advantages

There are many reasons to love suede shoes. It’s all about appearance. No other material will give the shoe color its unique depth. Suede shoes look great both on a daily basis and at official meetings, which makes them a universal choice. They can satisfy even the most demanding customers! The comfort of use is also important. Such shoes are not only soft to the touch, but also flexible. They adapt to the foot and keep warm well. This is a feature that we will especially appreciate in the fall.

Unfortunately, there is always a „but”. In this case, these will be some troublesome features of suede. It reacts badly to moisture, is susceptible to damage and requires special maintenance procedures. As a result, you need to put some effort into maintaining their original, aesthetic appearance. However, do not be discouraged! With a few practical tips you will keep your suede shoes in good condition with a small down payment, so you can enjoy them for a long time.

Home ways to clean your suede shoes

We will start with these activities that we are able to perform without the use of specific preparations. For example, bread. The outer layer of his skin will clean the suede from small dirt. You should gently rub it on the surface of the shoes to remove any small dirt and pollen. It’s dry! It should also be remembered that bread cannot be fresh. Otherwise, we will get the opposite effect.

Another tool we can use to combat dry dirt is a regular toothbrush. You should gently rub it with suede. Not against the hair! For obvious reasons, it is worth ensuring that the brush is clean and relatively new (its bristles cannot be hard).

Another interesting method is to use an eraser. Must be white! You can also use it to dry out dirt. The disadvantage of this solution is the need to get rid of traces of the eraser with a brush.

If the above advice has failed, it’s time to apply your knowledge of chemistry. A popular method is to make a solution from baking soda and milk. On the Internet we can find various information on their proportions and it is difficult to clearly determine which will be the most appropriate; basically, it is safest to add a teaspoon of soda to a glass of milk, and possibly change the amount of soda slightly with subsequent uses in accordance with your own experience. Soak the cloth in the mixture obtained in this way and – again: gently! – we rub it with shoes. This method should help even in the case of more difficult stains.

If you have a problem with a different type of dirt, then it will require a more individual approach. It is impossible to predict all the situations, but do not worry – if you have any problem, then certainly many people have already had it and managed to solve it, and the way is already placed on the Internet. This is how you will find methods to remove more specific dirt, such as chewing gum on the sole.

Caring for suede shoes becomes more difficult when weather conditions come into play. Suede reacts badly to moisture, so you should save him walking when rain or snow outside the window. Even longer exposure to sunlight is harmful to him – the material can lose its color. Suede footwear should not be wet cleaned, especially in a washing machine. It should dry first, preferably at room temperature. This process should not be accelerated with the help of a dryer or by placing them at the radiator.

Suede cleaning

If you have more serious plans for your suede shoes, it’s time for more paid methods to keep them in good condition. Means for their care are not expensive and should not noticeably affect our home budget. It is worth learning how to do it yourself – it’s best to practice on cheaper eco suede shoes – so you don’t have to pay for professional cleaning, which is more expensive and time consuming.

Before we start cleaning the shoes, they should be brought to their default condition, i.e. smoothing their texture, violated by their use. It’s best to use a special suede brush for this. Their prices start from less than PLN 4, but it is better to invest in their higher-quality alternative; this can be purchased, depending on your needs, for between 20 and 50 zlotys.

We can remove stains on shoes in various ways. In addition to the above, we can replace the eraser with a special cube for cleaning suede leather (approx. 8-30 PLN). Their significant advantage is improving the appearance of shoes, among others by harmonizing their colors. In addition, suede brushes usually have a side with rubber inserts that can remove even deep stains.

Physical removal of defects is not everything – if we want to keep the suede shoes for as long as possible, then after all the shoes should be impregnated with a special spray (PLN 10-50). We recommend more expensive because the use of an agent of unknown quality can not only irreparably damage shoes, but even be harmful to health. Tarrago is a well-known brand here. A good impregnation protects shoes against moisture, dirt and grease, and also allows them to be removed easily with water.
We hope that after reading this short post, you already have a better idea about the issue of suede shoe care. Don’t be put off by the potential problems with this material! Its use in the production of not only shoes, but also clothing indicates that it is a popular type of leather worth attention. Not only women, but men around the world can confidently count on the fact that manufacturers of both these goods and tools for their preservation will put a lot of effort into making their products more accessible and easy to use, and any problem that meets them, it will be quickly resolved.

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