Where did jeans come from?
Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a person who would not have at least one pair of jeans in his wardrobe – and this applies to both women and men. Their creator Levi Strauss, while creating their design, two centuries ago assumed that this type of pants would be more suitable for physical work. They were to be worn, among others, later made famous by western cowboys. However, not everything went his way. And that’s good, because history shows that sometimes great works are created by accident! Sales went decently even in the not-so-good business times of World War II, but it was only the cult film „Rebel Without a Cause” from 1955 directed by James Dean that gained more popularity for them. Americans have been captivated by their greatest advantages: convenience, simplicity, durability and versatility. Initially, due to pop culture, wearing jeans was associated with a youth rebellion against the rigors imposed on them by schools and parents – „It is forbidden to prohibit!”. Over time, however, they lost their anti-conservative nature, thanks to which both members of numerous subcultures in the USA and ordinary citizens, for whom denim trousers became an attractive alternative to ordinary pants, readily reached for them. This made jeans one of the symbols of the American way of life, although to a lesser extent than McDonald’s or Coca-Cola. For this reason, they were permanently in the countries of the former USSR, including Poland, only in the last decade of the 20th century.

Jeans shoes? But which ones? Types of jeans.
Usually when we talk about jeans we mean so-called regular straight cut, the most classic. They fit many styles – except for those where elegance is key. As a result, in combination with jeans, accessories add style to the styling, deciding how the environment perceives us. Of course, such accessories include shoes that will interest us most in this post.

When it comes to the most typical jeans, the choice is almost limitless. The same applies to the cut called loose. Loose jeans not only give more freedom, but also camouflage the imperfections of the figure. The only thing that matters is that our shoes harmonize with the rest of the styling. Here are some of our suggestions:

High-heeled shoes
High-heeled shoes combined with jeans in an effortless way will create for you a permanently fashionable urban style. So dressed, you can easily go on a trip with friends or to work.

Of course, boots are uneven, but in a composition with jeans they usually give great results. Depending on what effect you want to get, you can experiment with a variety of models – from classic shoes on the post to heavy rock style bags. And here only the imagination limits you!

Sneakers and sneakers
We have already touched on the issue of urban look, which, without mentioning sneakers, is pointless. Like jeans, sneakers are comfortable and made famous by our ally from overseas. Everything fits! Also in this case, the right choice of shoes is one of the key issues, because they give the character to the whole creation.

Women’s tubes
„Tubes” is the common name for slim / skinny fit. This cut appeared in the fashion world in the 1960s and has not lost its popularity since then. It is characterized by the fact that it tightly adheres to the body, emphasizing the qualities of the female figure. Tapered legs, actually reminiscent of a tube, improve the appearance of the legs. They seem longer and slimmer in them. But be careful with such pants – they also highlight any shortcomings!

When it comes to women’s tube shoes, our first choice will be high heels. Both classic high heels and sandals on high heels in combination with tubes will create great, unforgettable creations.


In addition to tube heels, flat shoes should be put together. Women’s ballerinas and loafers can give a fabulous effect, but more practical sneakers do not get much worse. Their classic cut goes well with this type of jeans. An alternative can be wedge sneakers – especially in the cooler autumn season.

The shape of the legs also influences the choice of footwear. While it shouldn’t be a problem with a standard straight cut, it’s worth taking a moment to familiarize yourself with the other two. The wrong selection of styling elements is striking and gives a bad visual impression.


Narrow leg cut
Narrow, which is narrow – more precisely, narrowing downwards. Recommended if you want to achieve an optical impression of the figure „carrots”. To preserve it, it is most reasonable to choose small shoes for them, which visually harmonize with the small size of the legs. A good choice will be pumps, sandals, ballerinas and loafers; combining them with sneakers is also popular.


Bootcut leg cut – „bells”
Things are a bit different in the case of bells. Legs in such jeans widen downwards, so we need such shoes so that – well – you can just see them from under them. The easiest way is to achieve the desired effect thanks to platform shoes, but it is also worth giving platformers a chance.

Although this is another broad topic, we hope that thanks to our tips it will be easier for you to orientate yourself in the subject and correctly choose shoes for your pants. Jeans have been celebrating their triumphs for decades and there is no indication that another type of pants should dethrone them – hence it is worth trying a bit, even in such common pants to be remembered by the handsome representatives of the opposite sex. 😉

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