Many people are mainly guided by their appearance when buying shoes. The main selection criteria are current fashion trends, season and weather that accompanies walks. Whether new footwear is good for your feet often goes to the background. Meanwhile, it should be key. Inappropriate choice can cause harm to health and well-being. How to choose footwear so as not to tire your feet?
Fashionable, safe and comfortable cut
The comfort of wearing footwear does not necessarily exclude fashionable shoe design. When buying a model for yourself, it is worth paying attention to that it was created taking into account the anatomy of the foot. The tip of the slippers or ballerinas should be wide enough not to pinch your fingers. Otherwise, not only is there no question of wearing comfort, but it can also lead to deformation of the foot. Flip-flops that are popular during the holiday season are another example of a fashionable cut. When looking for a comfortable model, pay attention to the place where the straps that hold them on the foot are located – the closer to the heel, the more stability we gain.
Let’s also remember that the material from which the shoes are made plays an important role in the comfort of using footwear. Moisture removal and good air circulation will delay the moment when you feel severe foot fatigue. Similarly to a properly profiled sole – it should be stable, flexible and thick enough to provide adequate cushioning. Too thin soles will feel any unevenness in the ground, and this after long walking can cause pain not only of the feet but also of the head.

Flat or high heels?
In the sense of comfort of feet when walking, the height of the heel is important. According to physiotherapists, the most preferred is 2 – 2.5 cm. This does not mean, however, that high heels must go away to not tire your feet. Shaping the sole and location of the heel itself will be crucial here. A well-distributed center of gravity will significantly delay the time when your feet become tired.
The stability of the heels is also important. The foot having a solid support on the post will tire much later than the one supported by the thin heel. The feeling of comfort in wearing high heels, which is often used by lovers of high heels, is the platform under the front of the foot – the higher, the lower the feeling of height of the shoe.
It can happen that the foot will feel extremely comfortable in a completely flat footwear, in which after a few steps it will start to feel tired. In this case, you can use a heel pad. It is worth using it already when measuring footwear. It may turn out that with such an addition it will no longer be so convenient.
Good size is the key
Regardless of whether you reach for sports shoes, with a flat sole or high heels, do not tire your foot remember the basic principle – the right size adjustment. It will not be good for us to wear too tight footwear, as well as in larger sizes. In the first case, a compressed foot will quickly let us know about your discomfort. On the other hand, feet that are too large will not be stable.

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