There are not many wardrobes in which there are no sneakers. These popular, lightweight sports shoes accompany ladies from spring to autumn. They are worn regardless of age and for different styles – both in everyday outfits and slightly more elegant creations. The approaching spring is a good time to take a closer look. I’m going for light sneakers.
Light and comfortable sneakers – must have
Lightweight sneakers have gained popularity mainly because of the comfort of wearing them. They have long ceased to be associated mainly with a sports hall. Today they can be found on the streets of every city, clubs and even in some offices. The occasion on which they will be used depends only on the owner’s ingenuity and her courage to overcome common patterns.
Comfortable and lightweight sports shoes are readily chosen by ladies for whom the most important thing is convenience in covering the next kilometers on foot. Life on the run, constant pursuit of bus, train or tram, quick shopping trip or afternoon shopping with friends – every day gives many opportunities to reach for sneakers. Especially that these are shoes that not only wear comfortably, but also easy to ensure their cleanliness and hygiene.
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What sneakers should you have in your wardrobe?
When looking for sneakers for yourself, it’s worth looking at models in pastel colors. Delicate shades have long been a part of fashion trends and will remain in them for a long time. Accessories in pastel tones look subtle and feminine, which adds extra lightness to the sneakers.
A practical solution will be sneakers in dark color, which is difficult to soil in a permanently visible way. Unlike the pastel version, dark navy blue, black or deep gray can accompany us in any weather, not only on a sunny day.
For brave ladies who are not afraid of challenges and like to stand out in the crowd, we recommend light sneakers in strong, intense colors, e.g. red or pink. They will be useful for breaking a subdued outfit kept in neutral colors. A strong colorist accent can also be integrated into an office outfit, as long as the dress code does not require a specific type of footwear.

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Low sneakers or with uppers?
Manufacturers try to respond to every need of demanding customers. That is why different models of sneakers are available on the market. They differ mainly in height. Whether you bet on ankle-high boots or with a slightly higher upper depends only on the preferences of the owner. Fashion trends do not clearly indicate which of them rank higher in the top list.
High sneakers look great in combination with short shorts. They will also complement styling with a flimsy dress or skirt, regardless of its length. The upper upper also lets you fancy a bit of braiding your shoe laces. You can also add a bit of nonchalance to the outfit, giving up tying shoes along their entire height, and extravagance weaving in sneakers lacing in a contrasting shade.

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