Undoubtedly, boots can be included in the most popular spring clothing items. Flat, high heels or posts, decorated with heavy studs or subtle details – manufacturers are outdoing themselves in suggestions for the next season, and stylists are giving us new fashion inspirations. With what to wear spring boots to go a step with current trends?
Upper for a colder day
What is the popularity of spring boots? First of all, because of the specific weather conditions characteristic of the first weeks after winter and the response to our needs. On the one hand, we gladly put long, insulated shoes into the wardrobe, and on the other hand, we also need protection against low temperatures.
The hearts of shoe lovers conquer spring boots thanks to the longer, ankle-high upper. Thanks to her, they work great on days when it’s too cold to wear subtle pumps. You can wear them for many styles. It is worth remembering, however, that they must be properly adapted to them. Remember this and when shopping, think about what style is the leading one in your wardrobe.

Openwork cowboy leather camel S.Barski
A wide upper or cowboy boots for the boho style
Spring boots with a wide upper or cowboy boots blend well with the airy creation in the style of boho. Put them on skirts and dresses, as well as pants combined with a blouse styled like „children of flowers”. A good base here will be jeans with a fitted leg that fits in the upper of the shoe. Taking advantage of warmer days, you can also reach for shorter legs, reaching above the ankle.
By buying spring boots with a wider upper, you can focus on wearing them intensively for many weeks. Be almost sure that you will reach for them also in the summer, barefoot legs, if you want to add the character of an airy, holiday dress or shorts combined with a classic T-shirt.

Filippo brown women’s ankle boots
Subtle sneakers for loose stylizations
Comfortable sneakers are very popular in recent seasons. Their sporty character can be combined with many styles – from everyday comfort, through stylish casual to semi-formal elegance. Comfortable boots subtly decorated with an openwork floral motif, will be the perfect complement to the office outfit, when you want to take advantage of the rays of the spring sun and after leaving work walk in the streets of the city.
You can successfully combine sneakers type boots with both a sports dress and a formal pencil skirt. In the first case you will add elegance to your everyday outfit, and in the second you will slightly soften its formal character.
Gray Jezzi women’s sneakers
Fashionable bows for a simple base
Spring boots decorated with colorful bows look very impressive. This is a very feminine accessory that should not be missing in the wardrobe of a lady following fashion trends. Shoes decorated in this way will enliven many stylizations built on simple, timeless forms. They will present their charm against the background of cigarillos, for example. To further emphasize the feminine nature of your stylization, reach for wedge heels. They will be a convenient alternative to high heels.

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