There should be space for sneakers in every wardrobe. It’s comfortable and versatile footwear that will perfectly complement many everyday stylizations and break the formal style of office outfits. There are many ways to use sneakers. We recommend them to both supporters of proven, safe options maintained in a sports style, as well as those who are brave and who like to play with trends. What to combine sneakers with?
Sporty elegance
The most popular method for sneakers is to wear them in a sporty style. You can perfectly compose shoes in a minimalist style with tracksuits, comfortable joggers and jeans combined with a simple T-shirt. A good background for them will also be sports dresses of different lengths and chinos. You can also use sneakers to create sports elegance that fits into the canons of, for example, parties organized in the garden. Properly selected, they will create a great duo with a polo shirt and trousers made of breathable materials.
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Casual must have
Casual stylizations are very popular among people who prefer casual chic and elegance. To add a little more slack to them, it’s worth putting on sneakers. A shirt collar coming out from under a light sweater or vest is a good pair for sports shoes that will emphasize the informal style of the outfit and at the same time give it a bit of character.
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On rock
Sports sneakers are great for creating a stylization referring to its character to the eighties, when rock and roll sounds reigned on charts. Leather Ramones, denim katanas, wiped jeans, heavy chains and studs, and T-shirts with a band or slogan – this is the look in which classic sneakers will play an important role. To get a slightly softer but still maintained look, combine the sneakers with a checked shirt or favorite sweater.

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For a dress and a suit? Yes!
For brave fashion lovers who like to break trends, we recommend sneakers combined with a dress or a suit. Well-groomed and properly selected colors will blend in not only with nonchalant stylization, but also with elegance. Sneakers will perfectly complement a long or medium-length boho style dress and ethereal creations in a romantic atmosphere. For men who dare to combine sneakers with a stylish suit, we recommend styling with a T-shirt instead of a shirt. If due to circumstances it is not possible, a shirt with an original pattern will work.

Black Men’s Big Star Sneakers V174345
Holiday look
Among holiday stylizations, short cuts, t-shirts, tops and flimsy dresses lead the way. They are comfortable and conducive to the use of summer during active leisure. Pair them with sneakers that will provide you comfort when looking for holiday adventures and pursuing tourist passions. Check out on a walk around the area and evening out to the pub. They will take up little space in the suitcase and you will create a lot of styling with them. After a busy day, you will appreciate their comfort during the madness on the club floor, when you decide to add some slack to evening wear by reaching for your sneakers.

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