Women are increasingly employed in managerial positions or other senior levels in the business industry. Such jobs are not only associated with enormous responsibility and many responsibilities. You also need to take care of your appearance to inspire the respect of your colleagues. A restrictive dress code is present in this case every day. How can you get out of this situation and not feel uncomfortable outfit all the time? Elegant shoes come to the rescue, which combine the most important features: comfort and flawless appearance.
Irreplaceable pumps for every woman
All women know perfectly that when it comes to elegance, all kinds of pumps are second to none. The selection is huge, so you don’t have to worry that you won’t find a perfect match. Of course, the most „claw” have pins in them. Together with a pencil skirt and white shirt, they will create a unique visual effect, which will further increase respect among subordinates. An important feature of high heels is the fact that the calves are slimming and optically lengthening, which gives each businesswoman confidence. Unfortunately, they have one big disadvantage – they cannot be walked on for a long time, especially if the company is large and you need to quickly move from place to place. Then shoes with wedges, heels or low heels will be great. The stability of the foot is then much greater and this means that the legs do not get tired so quickly. As for the colors, unfortunately you can’t go crazy here. The office dress code has its own rules and you have to stick to them if you don’t want to. That is why it is best to choose from black, gray or brown colors.

Matte black Juma 2160 women’s pumps

Women’s pumps on the platform black Jezzi
Greater comfort and freedom in elegant ballerinas
Of course you don’t have to wear only high heels. It turns out that they are also much more comfortable – ballerinas. They will be an ideal solution for everyday work, although for important business meetings it is better to opt for footwear with a higher heel. In this case, the choice is also huge. A good solution is to choose solid ballerinas, preferably black and varnished, although equally matte styles will look good.

Women’s black leather wedges Rieker L47467-00
Varnished women’s ballerinas with black bow Vinceza
Exclusive and fashionable sandals
This is another proposal that will appeal to all businesswoman who appreciate comfort at work and can not imagine spending the whole day in an office with high heels. Elegant sandals will hit the spot during the summer heat. It is worth noting that they have built-in toes. It looks more serious, but it is not a rule and it depends a lot on the specific footwear model. Recently, sandals with toes in a different color have become fashionable. Here, mainly varnished types should be taken into account. Black footwear with gold tips will perfectly emphasize the entire stylization. Thanks to this, the footwear will look professional, and most importantly – it will provide 100% comfort while walking.

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