What women’s clothes should you choose?

Women’s clothes is a river theme, and completing women’s wardrobe is always a great pleasure. Shopping in the department with women’s clothing is always enjoyable and is the best way to refresh or change your style. However, do you know how to choose clothes to make them comfortable, durable and fashionable? Do you know the rules for choosing clothing for the type of figure? Are you familiar with the types of materials and the colors most favorable for your type of beauty? If not, be sure to read our guide, which will help you always make the right choices when shopping for clothes!

Good quality women’s clothing

Regardless of whether you are going to invest in a winter coat, denim pants or a light summer t-shirt, it is worth paying attention to what a given element of women’s wardrobe was made of. Reading labels and product descriptions will get into your blood very quickly, and recognizing good quality women’s clothing will not cause any problems. It is customary to think that the best clothes are those sewn from natural materials. And indeed ** women’s clothing made of cotton, cashmere, silk or linen will breathe, arrange beautifully and will not cause an allergic reaction on the skin. However, there are also elements of the female style that should be made of synthetic materials, for example women’s raincoat, which is sewn from 100% polyester, and this is why it is resistant to moisture absorption. Artificial fibers such as nylon, polyamide, acrylic or polyester may also be present in admixtures in various types of women’s clothing. They make the clothes durable, less susceptible to deformation and more flexible.

How to choose women’s clothes?

Do you complete a wardrobe for a specific time of year? Do you change style because of a change of workplace or lifestyle? Be sure to pay attention to the types of women’s clothing you choose. At the beginning, however, it is worth specifying your body type to properly match the styles of clothing. Thanks to this, you will highlight the advantages of your figure and cover the shortcomings. If your figure has a clear indentation at the waist and hips and shoulders of the same width, then you can look for clothes dedicated to ladies with an hourglass figure. Do you have a protruding belly but slim legs? You’re probably an apple. In turn, if your hips are wider than the upper body parts, then your figure can be described as a pear. Ladies with wide shoulders and narrower hips are the silhouette of Y. And if you would describe your figure as boy’s, without a clear waistline, you can look for women’s clothing designed for ladies with figure H. * Women’s clothing for an hourglass – a clear waistline with emphasis , for example, matching dresses or shirts. If you’re wearing a sweater, it’s worth adding a waistband to it. Trousers? The best will be those with a high waist – tubes or bells.

Women’s clothes for the apple figure – priority – covering the protruding tummy. So dresses with a vest, oversize sweaters or longer, loose shirts are perfect. Plus trousers and skirts in the right size.

Women’s clothing for the figure of a pear – you can balance the proportions of the figure with longer cuts of clothing, for example, cardigan with a long sweater or a shirt. Mountains with neckline decorations will also look great, which will make your figure look proportionate. Avoid high-waisted pants that can optically enlarge your hips.

Clothes for women with a Y figure – all flared skirts and wide trousers suit you. Avoid blouses with puffy sleeves and those with a boat neckline.

Women’s clothing for figure H – you have a figure that is worth adding feminine shapes, so highlight dresses, shirts and sweaters with an additional waistband. Clothes with frills, flared dresses or skirts will be perfect for you.

Plus size women’s clothing

The Domodi fashion brand range includes not only the standard sizes of women’s clothing, but also women’s clothing. The cuts help to make the figure slimmer and at the same time ensure full comfort of movement. In fashionable women’s clothing for fluffy you will feel confident and stylish regardless of the situation. Therefore, be sure to review the section with large sizes of women’s clothing. You will find both elegant dresses for festive occasions and elegant women’s clothing every day. In Domodi, regardless of size, you can fit perfectly tailored jeans as well as shirts and skirts.

Women’s clothing for mature ladies

Fashion brands take into account not only the large size range, but also the age of their clients, which is why they also offer stylish women’s clothing for mature ladies. You can bet on subdued colors and proven styles of clothes that belong to the timeless classics of women’s clothing. Are you looking for a suit or costume? Formal dress? Or maybe a beautiful, decorated blouse for a special occasion? At Domodi, you will surely find your dream women’s clothes that will make you feel comfortable and stylish.

Women’s clothes for spring

Complementing the wardrobe usually occurs when the season changes. Regardless of whether you are guided by current fashion trends or your own intuition and taste, be sure to stock up on the necessary elements of a woman’s wardrobe made of high quality materials. Women’s spring clothing is primarily floral dresses, comfortable jeans, delicate cashmere or knitted sweaters and a well-cut jacket or coat. For this time of year you can choose a leather Ramones jacket, a classic trench coat or a denim jacket. The main thing is that you feel comfortable and stylish in the spring coat!

Summer women’s clothing

As for women’s summer clothing, those made of natural fibers will work best. Women’s cotton clothing breathes, so you will be comfortable even on hot days. Cotton t-shirts, dresses or blouses are your summer must have! It is also worth to put on linen clothes for women, which are very airy and stylish. You can successfully go to work in linen shirts or suits!

Women’s clothes for fall

In autumn, when the weather stops supporting us, women’s raincoat must not be missing in your wardrobe. So choose a waterproof jacket or coat in your favorite color. You will also need shoes – comfortable and warm, for example, bags, boots, Jodhpur boots or wellies. Autumn is also a time for sweaters! You can choose something from the extremely rich and diverse range of Domodi women’s sweaters, where each woman will find her dream color, cut and pattern.

Women’s winter clothing

In winter, put on a warm down jacket or an elegant wool coat for women. Get also boots or snow boots that will protect your feet from getting wet and cold. Women’s clothes for the winter are also sweaters and thick sweatshirts that will warm up on a frosty day. Choose for yourself high-quality women’s cashmere clothing, but also various styles of women’s knitted clothes – dresses, sweaters or cardigans will keep you warm and comfortable.

Women’s running clothing

In the wardrobe of a modern woman, you can not miss sports clothes! Do you go to the gym? Do you run outdoors? Or maybe you attend an organized zumba or fitness class? In that case, be sure to look at the offer of women’s running clothing and not only from brands such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, New Balance or 4F. You will find colorful leggings, comfortable t-shirts and tank tops, comfortable hoodies and running jackets. Thanks to properly selected sports clothes, each of your training will be pure pleasure!

Women’s clothing for the office

The 21st century woman is usually a working woman whom designers of fashion brands meet. At Domodi you will find different colors, cuts and patterns of business women’s clothing such as suits, elegant shirts, racket pants or pencil skirts. In elegant women’s clothes, each of us looks chic and dignified. It is worth investing in at least one white shirt and a few cigarillos, because even if you are not working in the office, these women’s clothes may be useful to you at the least expected moment!


How to match an outfit to your figure?

Every man is different in terms of beauty, character, way of being, social position, which is why everyone should develop their own style that suits them best.

Success-oriented young men usually know what they want. They are aware that a positive assessment of their image is one of the conditions for achieving the set goal. Older gentlemen often forget that you should take care of your appearance at all ages. Most often, because of laziness, they do not want to give up common, comfortable habits.

When asked about size, men usually shrug. Meanwhile, the right size and matching the outfit to your figure is the basis for an elegant man. It is very important to know your body, its pros and cons. With the help of a properly selected outfit, we can easily hide the shortcomings and highlight the best in us. For example, a jacket that is too long optically shortens the legs, but it can also lengthen the torso.

To begin with, simple exercises for all men. Stand in front of the mirror in your underwear. Relax, don’t pull your stomach and don’t tighten your chest. Look at yourself and objectively evaluate your appearance. Try to answer the questions:

Are the arms the same width as the hips? Or are they narrower?

Is the body in relation to the whole body short or long?

How long are the hands – short or knee-length?

Don’t I have too big, protruding belly?

Do I have a waist outlined?

What height am I?

What do I like about my body the most and what is worth emphasizing?

What do I dislike and what would I like to hide?

Regardless of the result of the exercise, you should not break down, each of us has a disadvantage. It’s important to accept yourself. Remember that arms and legs can be optically lengthened or shortened, the protruding tummy can be hidden and the arms widened. A well-chosen outfit can make you a shapely man.

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