How to choose women’s clothes?
Do you complete a wardrobe for a specific time of year? Do you change style because of a change of workplace or lifestyle? Be sure to pay attention to the types of women’s clothing you choose. At the beginning, however, it is worth specifying your body type to properly match the styles of clothing. Thanks to this, you will highlight the advantages of your figure and cover the shortcomings. If your figure has a clear indentation at the waist and hips and shoulders of the same width, then you can look for clothes dedicated to ladies with an hourglass figure. Do you have a protruding belly but slim legs? You’re probably an apple. In turn, if your hips are wider than the upper body parts, then your figure can be described as a pear. Ladies with wide shoulders and narrower hips are the silhouette of Y. And if you would describe your figure as boy’s, without a clear waistline, you can look for women’s clothing designed for ladies with figure H. * Women’s clothing for an hourglass – a clear waistline with emphasis , for example, matching dresses or shirts. If you’re wearing a sweater, it’s worth adding a waistband to it. Trousers? The best will be those with a high waist – tubes or bells.

Women’s clothes for the apple figure – priority – covering the protruding tummy. So dresses with a vest, oversize sweaters or longer, loose shirts are perfect. Plus trousers and skirts in the right size.

Women’s clothing for the figure of a pear – you can balance the proportions of the figure with longer cuts of clothing, for example, cardigan with a long sweater or a shirt. Mountains with neckline decorations will also look great, which will make your figure look proportionate. Avoid high-waisted pants that can optically enlarge your hips.

Clothes for women with a Y figure – all flared skirts and wide trousers suit you. Avoid blouses with puffy sleeves and those with a boat neckline.

Women’s clothing for figure H – you have a figure that is worth adding feminine shapes, so highlight dresses, shirts and sweaters with an additional waistband. Clothes with frills, flared dresses or skirts will be perfect for you.


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